American Museum of Natural History Has clean, elegant design that parallels the look and layout of the museum's renovated halls of vertebrate evolution. The technological site may tax the capabilities of those running slow connections or…
Guide of Museums. Museum Ashmole de Arte and Arqueologia University of Oxford. The public museum Museum Cheney Cowles Treasures of the Seniority Copta Museum of the Cairo.
Museums of arts Guide of museums arts of some parts of the world.
Portuguese institute of Museums Official Site of the Portuguese Institute of the Museums. It visits our museums and expositions. It knows our publications and products.
Museum Theo Brandao, Website on activities and quantity of alagoanos museums. historical and geographic institute of Alagoas, museum of the sport, museum of the image and the sound (MISA) and foundation Pierre Chalita. Images of the quantities of the museums.
Virtual museum of the UFRGS The Virtual Museum of the UFRGS disponibiliza online the quantity of images of the Universitario Museum on Porto Alegre and the University. It is a Pioneering experiencia, using scenes in 3D.
Museu do Folclore Maria Olimpia Museum of history of the Folklore, with quantity riquíssimo in clothes of the folclóricos groups, historical parts, antiguidades, traditions, and everything that has as reference the folklore. Olimpia-SP, folk.
Museum Oceanografico de Rio Grande Information, sample of clam collection, projects of educaçãodo Museum etc.
Museum of the Sea It offers diving courses (among others), alem of the known Expo Museum of the Sea that visits its city or school. Saints, SP.
Museums of the World Museums of the World - It visits!
Brazilian society of Paleontology Description: Data on Paleontology in Brazil, events, projects and museums. Rio De Janeiro, RIO DE JANEIRO.
Museum of Geology Mineral museum, rocks and fósseis, with emphasis in precious and mineral rocks in general. Gratuitous mineral distribution for schools and other museums. Courses, lectures and expositions.